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In order to take off as a financial advisor with us, you don't have to fit into a certain grid. We are looking for personalities with rough edges.

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»Our entry opportunities are manifold.«

It's not important to us that you bring the supposedly perfect resume. Quite the opposite: you can only develop further by looking beyond your own nose. We are not looking for machines, but for people with heart and mind who are passionate about their work. And that's why we offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Career-Changing as a legitimate path

»Do I have a chance as a career changer at the OVB?«

Timur (19),

I completed my training as a retail salesman a year ago. It was clear to me relatively early on that this job was simply not the right one for me, but I didn't want to quit right in the middle. I love customer contact, but with the best will in the world I can't resign myself to the rigid and sometimes monotonous daily routine. That's why I decided to try my luck at OVB. What was practical was that I could get a taste of OVB as a sideline while I was still working in retail.

Meanwhile I am a full-time financial advisor and absolutely satisfied with my decision. Sometimes it's simply worthwhile in life to think outside the box and venture something new.

»Do I have a chance at OVB even without in-depth financial knowledge?«

You don't have to be a financial professional to start with us.

In our training as a financial advisor you will learn from the ground up everything you need for your future job.

The most important thing is that you are fully committed and passionate.

Convincing chance

You recognize yourself and want to go new ways. Then apply now for your future as an OVB financial advisor.

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Exciting second job besides studies

»Does the OVB meet my high standards?«

Lisa (25)

I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in economics and until recently I worked as a waitress in a restaurant. But somehow that wasn't enough for me anymore. I wanted to do something that not only made money, but also helped me professionally.

At OVB I can gain important professional experience and at the same time train my emphatic skills. Every working day is exciting and varied and I constantly get important input from my experienced colleagues. That's why I can absolutely imagine staying with OVB even after graduation and taking off as a financial advisor.

»Does the OVB suit me if I have high expectations?«

If you are already looking for professional challenges during your studies, we offer you the ideal environment.

With the right amount of ambition, you can rise quickly and even lead your own team.

What advantages do you have with OVB?

Good career opportunities and an exciting working day are just two of the numerous job advantages offered to you as a financial advisor at OVB. Find out more about your opportunities here.

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