What's important to you?

We appreciate your commitment to performance and time. That's why we make sure that your work with us pays off. Go new ways - with OVB.


We believe in the job advantages that OVB has to offer.

Our customers are wonderfully different and have individual goals and requirements. This is exactly what we expect from our financial advisors. Whether you will find your professional fulfilment with us, neither we nor you can know in advance. What is certain, however, is that our day-to-day work is unique. If you are looking for a secure job that offers you flexibility and self-determination, then a career with us could be the right path for you.


Job advantage - determine your career yourself

»With OVB you have your career in your own hands.«

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Vera (33)

»While my children were small, I worked only a few hours as a consultant. Meanwhile they are bigger and more independent and I want to develop professionally. I am currently building my own team and looking forward to more responsibility and challenges.«

At a glance

Self-determination, autonomy and flexibility are at the heart of OVB's day-to-day work as a consultant. We think that you can only give your best if you follow your own rhythm. Do I work in a café today, do I go to sports or do I start directly with a client appointment? With us, you can decide all this yourself on a daily basis.

Can I adapt my work at OVB to my needs?

What's more, you can structure your day-to-day work completely according to your own ideas.

You can choose your place of work and working hours every day - just as you like it.

Your bet determines your pay. If you want, you can earn well above average.

You also have the opportunity to build your own team or even your own business.

I never thought that working with finances could be so flexible and varied.


Job advantage - Independent, but in a team

»At OVB you are part of a strong team.«

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Rita (27)

»In the beginning, I wasn't quite sure whether the financial and insurance world was really right for me. But now these doubts have been forgotten. With OVB, I feel very well looked after. I like dealing with clients and I am always happy when I look at satisfied faces. When it comes to technical questions, I can always rely on the support of experienced colleagues and learn something new every day.«

At a glance

Several heads know more than one. That's why every OVB consultant is backed by his or her local team. We are firmly convinced that optimum results can only be achieved through close interaction with our colleagues. And we live that every day.

How can I be a good financial advisor if I have technical questions myself?

Nobody knows everything, and that's okay. That's why it makes so much sense to work together. With us, strong employees become an even stronger team that gives each other support.

Behind you and your team stands the backbone of OVB: the Landeszentrale. This is the basis for your daily work and guarantees that you get all the support you need.

OVB has been successful for 50 years - become a part of it and contribute to its success story.

Thank you, it makes me feel safe.


Can you start at the OVB too?

Do I have any chance at all of starting out as an OVB financial advisor with my school-leaving certificate, my university degree or my career? Here you can find out more about our entry opportunities

Your entry opportunities


Job advantage 3 - Individual career opportunities

»At OVB, everyone has the same opportunities.«

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Thomas (32)

»I started out as a financial trainee. Now I'm a branch manager at OVB and I'm very happy about that, because the calculation here is very simple: if you work a lot, you earn a lot. This is transparent and calculable and encourages me to work as well as I can.«

At a glance

None of our applicants is like the other. You can start with us after graduating from high school or university, as a career changer, after maternity leave or as a financial professional. Everyone has the same chances. The prerequisite for your success is that you are passionate about your job, enjoy working with people and can identify yourself with our high quality standards.

What do I need to apply to OVB?

Your commitment alone decides your success.

You don't have to be a financial expert to start with us. We make sure that you receive a sound education.

I wouldn't have thought that, then I wouldn't have to worry at all.


Job advantage - exciting working day

»An exciting working day awaits you at OVB.«

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Volker (45)

»For 18 years I have been happy in my work as a financial advisor. I don't like monotony and strict procedures and I get bored quickly. My work with people, whether with my team or the client, is individual and unpredictable every day. This means that I am always challenged and motivated anew every day.«

At a glance

08/15 you will search in vain with us. Every customer is very individual with his needs and ideas and demands new solutions from you. With us you will be challenged and supported. Your further development takes place on the job and in various workshops. Boredom never comes up.

Is working as a financial advisor an option for me if I want to constantly develop myself further?

Sure. We care a lot about your development. Therefore you are supported by trainings, workshops and further education.

Moreover, as an OVB consultant, no two days are the same. You constantly learn new things and can apply your knowledge immediately.

Of course, most of your travel is digital, with the highest level of technology.

That reassures me. I could not deal with standstill.


Our structured training

New OVB advisors have to learn their trade from the ground up in order to deliver the best results to their future clients. To this end, we have a well-structured and tried and tested training system. Would you like to learn more about our work and training as a financial advisor?

Our training


Job advantage - Task with goal and meaning

»OVB's work has goals and purpose.«

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Claire (28)

»As a financial professional at OVB, my main job is to support people in their financial and life planning. This brings them closer to a self-determined, satisfied everyday life. Only when my customers are satisfied do I know that I have done my job well.«

At a glance

As an OVB consultant, you are the partner at your clients' side, helping them to make the right financial decisions and achieve their personal goals and desires. Ultimately, you create nothing less than satisfaction. Can you wish for something more beautiful in your job?

It's important to me that my job contributes to society. Does that even work at OVB?

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important for people to plan their financial future early on. In a jungle of providers and products, support is essential. And this is exactly what we, OVB, are here for.

We ensure that our customers can sit back and relax without having to worry about their finances.

If you have done a good job as a consultant and have a relieved and satisfied customer in front of you, you can't help but be happy.

That sounds like a fulfilling job!



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