Thank you for 50 years of trust!

For already half a century OVB has been there for its customers and financial consultants. So, this seems like a nice time to take a look back.

Our focus is entirely on people

For this reason, we let our customers and financial consultants do the talking. They tell us their very personal OVB stories.

OVB stories

With a strong history into a strong future

Only very few companies can look back at a 50-year history in today's fast-moving world. So, what is the secret to OVB's success? We have always focused on our core competence: financial consulting from person to person. At the same time, it is also important to react flexibly to changing customer needs and market conditions.
This balance of tradition and change has made us into what we are today – a leading financial company in Europe. Our decades of experience help us continually develop our services, so that we can stand by the side of our customers and financial consultants as a strong partner in the future.

»Only those who are flexible can be successful in the future. We ensure this with our business strategy.«

»Take a look at our OVB Anniversary Magazine.«

»Our focus is entirely on people. For this reason our customers and financial consultants tell us their very personal OVB stories.«

»Only those who work together can grow. Team spirit is our highest priority.«