Together we are planning the future

As a financial advisor, Beatrice Serughi is the point of reference for her clients and supports them with advice and action. She sees herself as a trustworthy person with whom people can think about the next steps towards their life goal. For herself, OVB represents a new opportunity; for her clients, OVB is a plan for the future.

Trust ist the basis for everything

What excites Beatrice Serughi about working as a financial advisor? She enjoys getting to know different people and talking about their personal situation. After advising clients, she analyzes their financial situation in order to offer them a financial solution. Trust is the foundation for the relationship with her clients.

"I am happy to be a part of a dynamic company"

Thanks to the ACS advisory system at OVB, Beatrice Serughi can offer clients the financial products that suit their individual needs. During the first consultation, she gets to know the clients and then analyzes their financial situation. She ensures that the financial solution is always adapted to the particular life situation of her clients by holding regular service meetings.