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Actually our services are very simple.

OVB business model, premium-select strategy and cross-thematic advisory service
OVB business model, premium-select strategy and cross-thematic advisory service

We talk to people about their wishes and goals, find out about their current situation in life and work out individual solutions in consideration of state-guaranteed social security and government incentives. In doing this, OVB has been emphasising the protection of the people’s financial existence for 46 years.

With our premium-select strategy we help our clients make the right choices among the various product types and product providers in response to their individual demands. This cross-thematic approach to our advisory service therefore protects our clients from specific providers’ interests where demand-oriented advice might not always come first.

Apart from the necessary expert qualification, OVB’s AAS system (Analysis – Advice – Service) enables our financial advisors to find their path through the jungle of financial services, not that easily penetrable indeed, and thus to find the solution with the perfect fit for each client

Individual Solution

OVB stands for long-term, comprehensive, high-quality financial advice – geared towards the individual needs, desires and objectives of our clients.

OVB offers products only from selected leading, financially strong companies in the financial sector that are carefully examined in terms of price and performance considerations.

OVB supports its clients in fulfilling their objectives and desires. The starting point of our consulting is always to record and analyse the customer’s status quo.

Retirement provision is of key importance. However, Allfinanz advice also means covering existential risks in the form of health care and income maintenance, for example. The potential consequences of becoming unable to work – whether due to illness or accident – should be made calculable through appropriate insurance.

Coverage for private property – a person’s home and all of its fittings and fixtures, their private car or the financial consequences of misfortune – is another important element of our consulting.

Prosperity in old age depends on timely asset building. Starting early is essential. Financial decisions must be reviewed regularly with a view to changing needs and life situations. The assets that have already been built up should be systematically expanded and secured through diversification – including ensuring a reasonable return.

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The OVB Group is one of the leading European financial services providers:
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OVB key figures

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