OVB Holding AG

Goals and strategy

OVB has ambitions plans for the future

Financial services – a business model with a real future

Due to the urgent need for people to assume responsibility for their own pension provision and the resulting need for consulting, there are too few sufficiently qualified financial consultants in Europe. The 14 countries in which OVB operates are home to more than 400 million people alone. More trained financial consultants are required in order to ensure that these people receive comprehensive expert consulting throughout their entire life. When it comes to finding new financial consultants, OVB is also seeking to attract and qualify hard-working people from all industries for the responsible task of financial consulting. A potential start to a second profession is one option for joining us.

Growth strategy

OVB is the only truly European financial services provider, with more than three million customers and around 5,000 financial consultants in 14 countries. Starting in Germany, we successfully exported our business model to promising growth markets at an early stage. Today every sixth Slovak and every tenth Czech is customer of OVB. This makes us unique.

Our international positioning offers us a wide range of growth opportunities and a balanced risk/reward profile, as well as providing our financial consultants and employees with international career prospects.

The regulatory environment for selling financial services is becoming increasingly stringent. OVB believes that it is excellently positioned and intends to take an active role in the accelerating consolidation process within the industry.

Chart OVB business model
OVB is a leader in markets that combine high income growth with a need to catch up in terms of spending on insurance and retirement provision.

OVB Strategy 2016

Initiatives in distribution are the core of our strategy 2016:

OVB Systemdistribution
OVB systemdistribution - management, prozesses and distribution

OVB has developed into a unique financial services group because we have ensured the continuity of our business model as a company for entrepreneurs for more than 44 years. This will remain the case in future.

OVB is pursuing ambitious targets. Over the coming years, we intend to become the European leader in system sales for financial products.

The cornerstones of our Strategy 2016 are outstanding customer service, process optimisation and best-in-class management. We want to enable entrepreneurial recipes for success in Europe to be systematically multiplied. Our aim is to make our day-to-day sales work more independent from market conditions through optimised teamwork and the expansion of our premium partner strategy.

In the area of processes, we focus on finding synergies in the sense of “more productive”, “faster” or “better value for money”.

    … Best of OVB Success Teams gives support to successful entrepreneurial careers with a “best-of”approach.
  • OVB Teamwork
    … offers platforms for the exchange of experiences and creates synergy through transparency.
  • Premium select strategy
    … strengthens the partnership with product suppliers for the benefit of our clients, increases efficiency and generates unique selling points.
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