Further internationalisation planned


OVB Holding AG intends to open up further markets following its recent entry into the Belgian market. It also became clear at the Annual General Meeting that personal financial consulting continues to be important, even in the era of Google and the rest.  

OVB Holding AG presented good sales performance and on-target earnings to its shareholders at its latest Annual General Meeting. “Implementing our strategy enabled us to make progress in key strategic areas in 2018. Our aim is to unlock new earnings opportunities and further solidify our market position in Europe,” says Mario Freis, Chief Executive Officer of OVB Holding AG.  

“With its entry into the Belgian market, OVB has successfully completed a further important step in its European expansion,” reports Freis. The financial brokerage group’s expansion into the neighbouring country to its west is not intended to be its last. Thus the plan is to be active in at least one more European national market by 2022.  

In his speech to shareholders, Mario Freis also addressed some interesting results from a representative survey commissioned by OVB, according to which young people, in particular, had a keen interest in the topic of finance, despite frequent suggestions to the contrary. Online media are indeed relevant sources of information on financial matters, but as the topic of finance is very complex and to a large degree built on mutual trust, the younger generation, too, prefers individual and personal advice.