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Our international positioning is our strength

OVB in Europe

OVB is currently active in 16 European countries and thus the only financial service provider operating throughout Europe. The broad European positioning stabilises the business performance of OVB and opens up growth potential in many respects. The company's experience in foreign markets over the years is an investment that is now paying off. OVB has established its brand name in Europe.

Our 16 national markets

In addition to the German market, where our headquarters are located, we are represented in two other regional segments: OVB’s Central and Eastern Europe segment comprises the national markets Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The countries Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland constitute the Southern and Western Europe segment.

Expansion is part of our strategy – regionally and internationally. We are therefore planning to scale up in existing national markets as well as to develop new markets. This is driven by the goal of offering high-quality and customised consulting services and thereby providing financial security for a steadily growing number of clients. At the same time, we ensure stability and independence with our broad international positioning.

Dmitriy Malik, Managing Director of OVB Ukraine
The aid fund set up by OVB, is an important support for Ukraine.

Dmitriy Malik, Managing Director of OVB Ukraine, states:

“The aid fund set up by OVB, which has been strengthened by all OVB countries and the OVB Hilfswerk, is an important support to help the most affected OVB employees and financial advisors as well as their families. So far, more than 240 aid payments with over UAH 2,5 million have been made to OVB employees and financial advisors. Among them are those seeking help from the hardest hit cities of Butscha, Irpin, Kharkiv and many others who have had to leave their homes or are in a difficult financial situation.

We thank all those who have contributed and will continue to contribute to the support of the affected OVB colleagues.”