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People are the focus at OVB. That's why we help together. You can be a part of it too!

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OVB in Europe

OVB is currently operating in 15 national markets. This international positioning is a major strength of our company. Thus, we will continue to advance with our expansion into promising European markets.

Our focus is entirely on people.

For this reason, we let our customers and financial consultants do the talking. They tell us their very personal OVB stories

OVB stories

Our vision

When people in Europe are asked who is there for them as a partner for all financial questions, the answer is OVB.

OVB Holding AG at a glance

The OVB Group, with its holding company headquartered in Köln, is one of Europe’s leading financial brokerage groups. Since being founded in 1970, our business activities have focused on long-term, comprehensive and above all customer-oriented financial consulting for private households. We work with more than 100 high-performance product partners and uses competitive products to serve our clients’ individual needs. Consulting is based on ascertaining and analysing the customer’s financial situation.

In particular, the broker asks the customer about their wishes and goals in a personal meeting and develops a customised solution based on personal opportunities. It should be long-term, affordable and sufficiently flexible. OVB supports customers over many years. Regular reviews and adjustments of financial decisions to relevant changes in customer requirements ensure needs-based insurance and pension concepts for customers adapted to their stage of life.

As the management holding company, OVB Holding AG is at the top of the OVB Group. It determines the strategic goals and secured the aligned business policies.

YO(U)nited - we help!

"Our thoughts and whole hearts go out to Ukrainians as well as our colleagues and their families."

We stand together in OVB Europe and take responsibility for each other. People are the focus at OVB. That's why we help together.

OVB stands for long-term, comprehensive and above all customer-oriented one-stop financial consulting.

With 4 million clients and more than 5,000 financial agents, OVB is one of Europe’s leading financial brokerage groups. OVB works with more than 100 high-performance providers and uses competitive products to serve its clients’ individual needs, from subsistence and property/asset insurance to pensions and asset building and growth.

Annual General Meeting 2022 (virtual event)

OVB's Annual General Meeting will take place on 15 June 2022 as an entirely virtual shareholders’ meeting without the presence of shareholders. This will be broadcast live on the Internet for shareholders from 11 a.m. The reason for this decision is the continued spread oft he SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19 pandemic) in Germany. The health of employees, shareholders and the service providers involved takes priority.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, Start: 11:00 a.m. CET

Company history is written by people

People are at the heart of our service and our business model. Very different characters and their personal stories are what make our company what it is. That's why we let the people behind the Group have their say: Our clients tell us what OVB means to them and our financial advisors give a close-up look at their everyday work.

Young woman with positive money mindset

| OVB Holding AG

Money Mindset: How important your attitude to money is

We have known for a long time how much inner beliefs determine our lives – both positive and negative ones. In relation to our finances, we repeatedly come across the topic of "money mindset". But what is it actually, how does the trend of the new money consciousness work and how does our inner attitude influence us in everyday life?

Diverse team at work – diversity at OVB Holding

| OVB Holding AG

How can companies encourage diversity?

Perfect? No. Corners and edges? Yes, of course! Diversity is common – and that's a good thing. Our world is becoming more diverse and colourful every day. Our society is characterized by variety and enriched by it. For young employees, diversity plays a major role in their decision to choose an employer.

Education and training of employees at OVB

| OVB Holding AG

Employee development: This is why training employees is worth it

Many employers have come to realise that employees are a company's most important capital in the long term. In addition to fair working conditions, team building and employee support, education and training are among the key factors in developing their own employees and contributing to increased job satisfaction.

OVB Career

The OVB Group is headquartered in Cologne/Rhein. Committed people who create scope for action continue to write our success story together. Whether in sales, marketing or IT - we offer exciting challenges in a traditional company, in which team spirit is important.