When your OVB Advisor becomes a friend

The relationship between a financial advisor and their client can’t work without trust. When trust is accompanied by mutual sympathy, an advisor-client relationship can develop into a real friendship. That’s exactly what happened between Simone Concina and Luciano Giancotti and the OVB Advisor is now a close friend of the family.

A decade of cooperation

Simone comes from Udine, a small town in Italy, where he has worked for an international company as a salesperson and accountant for 16 years. His cooperation with OVB began over 10 years ago. He already knew the OVB Advisor Luciano Giancotti from their joint hobby, football. Luciano helped Simone find the perfect pension insurance– marking the beginning of a long-lasting cooperation.

A foundation of trust

Simone has been able to trust his advisor blindly in financial matters for ten years. It’s no surprise, then, that the two have also become friends in their private lives. Luciano is a regular guest in the Concina household and only suggests products that he would choose himself. “Luciano is a good friend, but at work he is always very professional. He has only ever offered me products that actually suit my needs”, Simone says. This is where OVB really stands out from other providers. “OVB Advisors understand and address the needs and wishes of their customers, and offer the solution that suits them best.”