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For a sustainable future

Sustainability is our responsibility

At OVB, we see sustainability as an integral part of our mission. Our aim is to be a partner for sustainable finance matters. In addition, we socially committed. Conducting sustainable business and conserving resources are at the heart of what we do.

As one of Europe’s leading financial advisory groups, OVB provides a socially relevant and forward-looking service for its clients. This, as well as our own aspirations, confers responsibility. After all, business cannot be viewed in isolation from environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We have a clear commitment to helping to create a sustainable future world.

“OVB wants to make its contribution to a greener future by brokering more sustainable product solutions and ensuring that its business helps conserve resources.”

Mario Freis, CEO of OVB Holding AG

A portrait of CEO Mario Freis

What does sustainability mean at OVB?

Sustainability is a complex and crucial issue for the finance and insurance industry. All three pillars of sustainability − environment, social and governance (ESG) – play a major role in our field and we are working on aligning our core business more closely with these pillars.

Our new business strategy “OVB Excellence 2027” establishes focus areas to help OVB make progress in all aspects of sustainability. We are also working on a related sustainability strategy. We will soon publish our main action areas and their key topics, set targets and communicate these here and in our non-financial reporting.

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Our sustainability structure

At the heart of our sustainability structure is the sustainability committee, made up of the Executive Board member responsible, the sustainability officers, representatives from relevant business units and representatives of the sales subsidiaries.

The sustainability committee is responsible for the strategic management of all OVB sustainability activities and monitors the social, political, regulatory and economic environment. It also encourages knowledge sharing within the company, coordinates Group-wide sustainability projects and keeps the public up to date with progress on an ongoing basis.

How we champion sustainability

The entire economy is facing the considerable challenge of successfully shifting to a carbon-neutral future. Social and governance aspects are increasingly important and are part of our understanding of sustainability as a whole. At OVB, we want to align our core business more closely with these aspects and have established sustainability as an integral part of our overarching “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy. We are committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We report on our sustainability work each year in our separate non-financial Group report.

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Wide-ranging engagement at OVB

At OVB, we are proud to support people in need with our international social engagement and through the dedication and tireless efforts of our financial advisors and employees. Through our relief organisations at various OVB sales subsidiaries, regional initiatives and many international projects, we can help wherever help is needed. Our focus is on people and so we work together to help and take responsibility for each other.

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“OVB Excellence 2027”

Our new “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy demonstrates our future viability. It covers the focus topics of “Sales and Career Excellence”, “Expansion and Innovation”, “Operational Excellence” and “People and Organisation”.

We are also committed to our responsibility as a business to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development as part of our corporate culture.

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OVB Holding AG
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Sustainability officers
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