OVB in Europe

OVB is currently operating in 16 national markets. This international positioning is a major strength of our company.

OVB in Europe

Only pan-European financial service provider OVB is active in 16 European countries and thus the only financial service provider operating throughout Europe. The broad European positioning stabilises the business performance of OVB and opens up growth potential in many respects. The company's experience in foreign markets over the years is an investment that is now paying off. OVB has established its brand name in Europe.

We stand together in OVB Europe and take responsibility for each other. People are the focus at OVB. That's why we help together.

YO(U)nited we help

If you would like to help OVB members in need and their first-degree realtives, you can make a donation in favour of OVB Hilfswerk Menschen in Not e.V.

Donation account: “YO(U)nited we help”
Account holder: OVB Hilfswerk Menschen in Not e.V.
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN number: DE14 3705 0198 1936 2654 69
Use: Ukraine donation

If donation receipt is desired: enter name, address + country

Please note: The donation receipt is issued by OVB Hilfswerk Menschen in Not e.V. in German in accordance with German tax law requirements. It is at the discretion of the local tax authorities to what extent the German donation receipt is recognised.

Please also take note of the privacy policy (german only) of OVB Hilfswerk Menschen in Not e.V.

The aid fund set up by OVB, is an important support for Ukraine.

Dmitriy Malik, Managing Director of OVB Ukraine, states:

“The aid fund set up by OVB, which has been strengthened by all OVB countries and the OVB Hilfswerk, is an important support to help the most affected OVB employees and financial advisors as well as their families. So far, more than 240 aid payments with over UAH 2,5 million have been made to OVB employees and financial advisors. Among them are those seeking help from the hardest hit cities of Butscha, Irpin, Kharkiv and many others who have had to leave their homes or are in a difficult financial situation.

We thank all those who have contributed and will continue to contribute to the support of the affected OVB colleagues.”

Statement by Executive Board of OVB Holding on the crisis in Ukraine

With the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, OVB adopted a clear stance. We utterly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a general attack on our community of shared values.

Much has happened since then. The international community of the free world is standing shoulder to shoulder and vehemently opposing Russia’s aggression. We are particularly impressed by the solidarity, the cohesion, the willingness to help and the dynamics that have developed in just a few days, such as how people in the Ukraine’s neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania – are pitching in and trying to help their neighbours with what they can.

We too – OVB Europe as a whole – want to do more and provide more support!

OVB Holding AG | 08.03.2022

Employees from Ukraine about the OVB aid fund:

Tatjana from Kharkiv, Ukraine

“My hometown was under attack and we had to leave it. Except for warm clothes, we could not take anything with us. Thanks to the financial support from OVB, we were able to buy groceries and new clothes. I am truly pleased that we received help immediately, otherwise it would have been very difficult. Currently I am trying to return to work.”

Switlana from Kiev, Ukraine

“On February 24th, my family and I left Kiev with our two dogs. We were placed in an old house and it quickly became clear that we would have to invest a lot here. OVB's support was very helpful. We were able to afford medicine as well as groceries and set up internet so that our children could continue to learn online. Currently we are well settled here, but hope to be able to return to Kiev at some point.”

Oleksandra from Kiev, Ukraine

“My family and I come from Kiev and accommodated in a country house in the village. At the beginning, it was very important to keep in touch with everyone online and to process online payments. Thanks to OVB, the problem was solved immediately and, for example, my cell phone credit was topped up directly. I am very grateful for the moral and financial support - it is very good to know that you are not left alone.”

Maria from Odessa, Ukraine

“OVB's help has been invaluable at such a difficult time for my country, my people and my family. It has allowed me to help my family pay necessary bills, medical costs, and expenses for our new place of residence. I am currently in Poland, actively learning the language and trying to find a new job.”

Oleksandr from Winnyzja, Ukraine

“I am proud to be part of such a wonderful European company. I've only been working at OVB for a short time - yet I can already see the humanity and respect that OVB shows to its employees. In this incredibly difficult time for my country and my family, the financial support has helped a lot.”