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Working together to help people

Our wide-ranging engagement

At OVB, we are proud to support people in need with our international social engagement and through the dedication and tireless efforts of our financial advisors and employees. Through our relief organisations at various OVB sales subsidiaries, regional initiatives and many international projects, we can help wherever help is needed. Our focus is on people and so we work together to help and take responsibility for each other.

Our social focus

Our social engagement focuses on the following areas:

  • Charity and welfare
  • Child and youth welfare
  • Helping the elderly
  • Training and education
  • Public health
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Social projects

Over the last 40 years, we have launched numerous social projects to help people. Some of these projects are run through our national relief organisations while others are carried out internationally. Many of the ideas for these projects come from our financial advisors and employees, who also get actively involved themselves or provide support in the form of donations.

Here are two excellent examples of our international engagement:

YO(U)nited we care: help for families in Madagascar

Since 2021, we have supported a total of 50 children and their families in Madagascar – a country that is suffering particularly severely from the effects of drought and crop failures as a result of global warming. We launched an international fund-raising campaign to fund both emergency aid and long-term actions.

Family in a village in Madagascar

YO(U)nited we help: support in Ukraine

We have supported OVB employees and their families in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. An aid fund was set up and emergency aid disbursed quickly and with no unnecessary bureaucracy to meet people’s basic needs. Through an internal fund-raising campaign, OVB employees and financial advisors across Europe raised money to provide additional assistance.

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More international significant projects

  • Funding for a school and an agricultural self-help project in Kenya in the 1980s
  • Organisation of relief transport for victims of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia on several occasions in the 1990s
  • Emergency aid for clients and OVB employees affected by the severe flooding in Germany, Austria and Czechia in 2002
  • Long-term support for a “Happy Home” project in Thailand for children and young people in extremely difficult living situations
  • Emergency aid for children in the wake of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti in 2016
  • A donation to UNICEF, the UN children’s emergency fund, after the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in summer 2023 resulted in thousands of people in Ukraine losing their homes
  • A donation to Caritas International to help provide water, food, shelter and medical supplies for the victims of the severe storms that hit Slovenia, Austria and Croatia in August 2023
  • A donation to Pro Humanitate in 2023 to provide emergency shelter, clothing and medicine for the victims of the severe storms in Turkey

We provide help on-site: our relief organisations

All OVB sales subsidiaries also carry out a wide variety of regional projects, ranging from jointly organised blood donation drives and cash donations to teaching finance in schools. The sales subsidiaries in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Romania and Slovakia have already founded their own charitable organisations, meaning that people can receive support wherever help is urgently needed.

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Other topics

Our strategy

Our new “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy demonstrates our future viability. It covers the focus topics of “Sales and Career Excellence”, “Expansion and Innovation”, “Operational Excellence” and “People and Organisation”. We are also committed to our responsibility as a business to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development as part of our corporate culture.

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How we champion sustainability

The entire economy is facing the considerable challenge of successfully shifting to a carbon-neutral future. Social and governance aspects are increasingly important and are part of our understanding of sustainability as a whole. At OVB, we want to align our core business more closely with social and governance aspects and have established sustainability as an integral part of our overarching “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy.

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