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CFO Oskar Heitz retires

  • Supervisory Board bids farewell to retiring CFO and deputy CEO Oskar Heitz
  • New CFO Frank Burow is an in-house appointment
  • Michael Johnigk, Chair of the Supervisory Board: “Oskar Heitz has had a lasting impact on OVB.”

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OVB continues positive business performance in third quarter of 2020

  • Consolidated sales grow by 3.3%
  • Client base expanded by 5.8%
  • Number of financial advisors up 4.1%
  • Substantial increase in operating income of 29.0%

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OVB Holding AG releases preliminary figures as at 30 September 2020 and provides detailed guidance for 2020 as a whole

Despite a deeply uncertain macroeconomic environment, preliminary business figures as at 30 September 2020 show that OVB Holding AG boosted brokerage income by 3.3% year on year in the first three quarters of 2020. Operating income (EBIT) for the first nine months of the 2020 financial year came to €11.1 million (EBIT as at 30 September 2019: €8.6 million).

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OVB posts sales growth and significant increase in earnings in the first half of 2020

  • Sales rise by 2.9% to €130.7 million
  • Sharp increase in operating income of 30.6% to €7.5 million
  • Further growth in clients and financial advisors

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2020 Annual General Meeting: With a strong history into a strong future

  • Dividend of €0.75 per share approved for 2019
  • Strong support for all items on the agenda
  • Positioning in 50th anniversary year

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OVB starts the 2020 financial year with significant rise in sales and earnings

  • Brokerage income up 5.9% at €66.8 million
  • Net operating income increases substantially by 51.6% to €3.9 million
  • Growth in clients and financial advisors

| OVB Holding AG

OVB makes strong start to its 50th year

  • Sales and earnings forecast surpassed
  • Strong sales growth of 11.4%
  • EBIT growth of 7.0%
  • Dividend* stable at the level of the previous year

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Harald Steirer completes the Supervisory Board of OVB Holding AG

Harald Steirer is the new member of the OVB Holding AG Supervisory Board. The Local Court of Cologne appointed him as the new Supervisory Board member in place of Winfried Spies, who died on 21 August 2019.

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Sales growth of 11.7% at OVB after first three quarters

  • Sales up significantly in all three segments
  • Client base expanded by 8.1%
  • Number of financial advisors up 4.5%
  • Consolidated net income rises sharply - by 27.9%

| OVB Holding AG

OVB with double-digit sales growth in first half of 2019

  • Brokerage income rises by 10.2% to € 127.1 million
  • The number of clients grew by 7.8% to 3.67 million.
  • Consultant base expanded by 4.7% to 4,954 financial advisors
  • Consolidated net income increases by 24.0% to € 4.7 million

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