Our focus is entirely on people

For this reason, we let our customers and financial consultants do the talking. They tell us their very personal OVB stories.

A company’s history is written by people

Without our customers and financial consultants, there would be no OVB. Very different characters and their personal stories are what makes our company what it is. For this reason, we let the people behind the company do the talking – all over Europe. Our customer talk about what the services of OVB mean to them in everyday life, what goals and wishes they were able to realize with the help of their financial consultant, or when OVB supported them in difficult times.

Our financial consultants provide close up and personal insights into their individual success stories. What does it mean to have a career in an international financial company? What is it like to be part of the OVB team? What values are important to us and what makes our job so special?