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Allfinanz service provider benefits from personal advisory

It has been a truism for years that the state pension will not be enough for a comfortable retirement. For most of us, there is no getting around a private pension. Readers of Nebenwerte Journal are active stock market participants and therefore in the minority, whereas many people are wary of the capital market and private pensions. They need professional advice, which is what OVB offers its clients.

| NebenwerteJournal

Personal advice has become even more important

Founded in Cologne in 1970, the OVB Group is now one of Europe’s leading Allfinanz service providers. 2023 is the first full financial year since the pandemic ended and also one of strategic realignment: The previous strategy period came to a close at the end of 2022, and now the new one is being enacted. Time for a review and a look ahead.

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OVB sets new sales record in 2022

The financial advisory group OVB has ended the 2022 financial year with a new record in sales.

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„We attract a lot of industry outsiders“

Mario Freis, CEO of the listed company OVB from Cologne, talks about the advantages of a pan-European presence in financial sales, the search for new consultants and the question of whether insurance companies actually get involved in day-to-day business as major shareholders.

| finanzwelt

OVB achieves 2021 sales record

OVB Holding AG closed the 2021 financial year with a brilliant balance sheet. The European financial brokerage group generated brokerage income of €320.7 million – a historic record and an increase of 18.5% on the previous year. The other figures are also impressive.

| bank und markt

OVB plans market entry in Slovenia

OVB Holding AG is planning to enter the Slovenian market in 2022. Although the population is relatively small at 2.1 million, the market offers “interesting framework conditions,” said CEO Mario Freis at the annual press conference.

| Kapitalmarkt-intern

OVB: No sign of coronavirus-related slowdown

OVB Holding AG is reporting significant year-on-year growth for the first half of 2021 and raising its guidance for the year as a whole. Advisory income throughout Europe increased by 21.8% to €159.2 million as compared to €130.7 million in the same period of 2020.

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OVB aiming for €300 million mark

OVB continued its successful corporate development and grew with strong momentum in the first half of the year. The guidance for the year as a whole has therefore been raised.

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“Sufficient scope for growth”

At today’s virtual Annual General Meeting, OVB Holding AG shareholders approved all items on the agenda by a large majority. The votes cast represented roughly 97% of the share capital. In addition to a bonus for the company’s 50th anniversary, a personnel change on the Supervisory Board was also resolved, among other matters. The company is very satisfied with the business figures.

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Setting records on its golden anniversary

Last year, OVB celebrated its 50th anniversary – and the financial advisory group gave itself the gift of a new record-breaking result. The company’s performance in international markets was a particular factor in its success.

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