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Our roadmap

Sustainability at OVB

The entire economy is facing the considerable challenge of successfully shifting to a carbon-neutral future. Social and governance aspects are increasingly important and are part of our understanding of sustainability as a whole. At OVB, we want to align our core business more closely with these aspects and have established sustainability as an integral part of our overarching “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy. We are committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We report on our sustainability work each year in our separate non-financial Group report.

How we want to help create a sustainable world

ESG stands for environment (E), social (S) and governance (G). It looks at whether and how environmental, social and corporate governance aspects are taken into consideration or evaluated in decision-making.

In line with the three areas of sustainability (ESG), we focus on the following aspects:

Sustainable products

Together with our product partners, we want to gradually expand the range of greener finance products in our portfolio for our clients. By doing so, we will play our part in creating more green financial flows in Europe and harnessing these to finance the required environmental transition.

It is important to us that sustainability is addressed when advising our clients and so we encourage our financial advisors to learn more about the topic.

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Clients, financial advisor and employee interests

The needs of people are at the heart of what we do. This is true both for our employees at the company as well as for our financial advisors and customers throughout the value chain.

For example, we offer our employees and financial advisors a wide range of further training opportunities and increasing digitalisation in customer service. Our service also helps people to develop an awareness of their own finances. Through our range of financial products, we ensure that they do not lose sight of the important topics of insurance and provision for old age even in times of crisis.

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Responsible corporate governance and compliance

At OVB, we are committed to reliability, fairness, openness and transparency towards clients, financial advisors, employees, business partners and shareholders.

As a capital market player, we are obliged and strive to combat corruption and bribery as best we can. Guidelines for the business integrity of all parties involved at OVB are outlined in our Code of Conduct. We are also working closely on enshrining sustainability in our entrepreneurial thoughts and actions and, in turn, fulfilling our responsibilities, for example to conserve resources.

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Our Code of Conduct

To ensure that we always act in accordance with our ground rules at OVB, these are set out in our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct provides a guide and a focus for all our employees and financial advisors. Our aim is to promote honest conduct and action based on ethical considerations and goals.

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United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

As part of Agenda 2030, the global community set 17 global targets for sustainable development. Action areas include an increased commitment to peace and the rule of law, combating corruption, education for all and protecting our climate. OVB expressly supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information on how we are helping to achieve the individual SDGs can be found in our future sustainability reporting.

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Report on our sustainability work

As part of our reporting, in the past we have published a separate non-financial Group report each year. This also provides extensive information on our sustainability efforts.

You can find all separate non-financial Group reports here:

Other topics

Our strategy

Our new “OVB Excellence 2027” corporate strategy demonstrates our future viability. It covers the focus topics of “Sales and Career Excellence”, “Expansion and Innovation”, “Operational Excellence” and “People and Organisation”. We are also committed to our responsibility as a business to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development as part of our corporate culture.

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Wide-ranging engagement

At OVB, we are proud to support people in need with our international social engagement and through the dedication and tireless efforts of our financial advisors and employees. Through our relief organisations at various OVB sales subsidiaries, regional initiatives and many international projects, we can help wherever help is needed. Our focus is on people and so we work together to help and take responsibility for each other.

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