On the same wavelength – A trusting partnership is the key to success

Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková is a two-time Olympic silver medallist in competitive shooting and also a mother of two children. With determination and an iron will, she has mastered the balancing act between professional sport and family for years. Her OVB adviser supports her in the financial security of her family and helps her to prepare for life after her sports career. The two of them have one important thing in common: determination and passion for their profession.

Eyes always on the prize

Zuzana started competitive shooting at the age of twelve. In 2008 she qualified for the Olympic Games for the first time, winning a silver medal. She then repeated this success in 2012. She’s now training for the 2021 Olympics Games in Tokyo. Many years of hard work and a clear goal in mind are what have got her to where she is today. Life as a professional sportswoman is not always easy, but Zuzana has never doubted her profession – her love for the sport is too deep for that.

These two understand each other

Zuzana became a mother four years ago. It’s for this reason that she is already thinking about the time after her sports career and especially about how to safeguard her children. Her OVB Financial Adviser Marián Búlik, who she met through her husband, has been helping her with this process. Zuzana particularly values Marián's professionalism in the area of finance and the trusting relationship – that’s why she’s been an OVB client for eight years. Working with another adviser is out of the question for her. “I really appreciate that Zuzana and her family trust me so much,“ Marián says. “Even in our first meeting, I noticed how open she is, and that we can help each other and work together."

Going into the future with a weight off her shoulders

Thanks to Marián, Zuzana can now look forward to life after professional sports feeling much more positive. She doesn’t yet know what the future holds for her. Whatever happens, she has two university degrees in addition to her sporting career and is interested in physiotherapy and coaching, among other things. “The next plans for our family are the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. And then we’ll see what God has planned for us.” Zuzana explains. "I am happy because I have a fantastic husband, two healthy children and a job that I enjoy. What more could I wish for?"