Without borders – International career at OVB

Árpád Horváth is a Hungarian OVB financial advisor who moved to France in 2016 to develop his business. This courageous step was difficult, especially at the beginning, but paid off in the end. Today, Árpád is a successful businessman, lives his dream, and has never regretted his decision for even a second.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Working as a financial advisor in Hungary, Árpád eventually felt that his home country did not offer enough development opportunities. The Hungarian market was simply too small for the ever ambitious Árpád and he started to look for other options. "It was pure coincidence that I spoke with a colleague about moving to France. At that time, the market for financial advice in France was not very developed, we saw huge potential, and room for self-realisation," says Árpád. He learned French, travelled to Strasbourg for a few days every month and made his first contacts there. He finally moved there in 2016.

Difficult beginnings

Árpád had to advise his first customers in English because his French was not yet good enough. This was the first challenge, but he had to leave his comfort zone many more times before he could really get a foothold in France. But this did not discourage him - quite the contrary. The foreign environment really pushed him to perform. He continued to develop professionally and was able to successfully build his own team. In his opinion, this was only possible because OVB offers its consultants so much freedom. "The best thing about my job is being my own boss and not being accountable to anyone."

Think big!

Although Árpád is satisfied, he is still far from reaching all of his goals. His plan and vision are clear: he wants to keep growing. And who knows, maybe France won't be the last country he expands into. OVB makes this possible. "If I want to go to Switzerland tomorrow, I can build a team there. If I want to start in Italy or Romania or return to Hungary, I can also do that. In my opinion, this flexibility is a very big advantage of working for OVB, that young people in particular appreciate."