Between flowers and business

Eva Chlupáčková has been operating her own flower shop for a few years and is passionate about her work every day. What she likes most about her independence, apart from the creativity of the floristry, are the business activities in the background. And OVB stands by her side with practical help and advice.

Colorful working day

Eva always had a green thumb. She came to the flower shop through her mother-in-law. "My everyday professional life is very varied: On the one hand, working as a florist is creative and changes with the seasons. On the other hand, I also have business management work that challenges me. I enjoy the financial planning in January the most", she reports. Every day brings new challenges and one must always adapt to the wishes of the customers. "Currently, I would like to focus more on online sales."

A reliable partner in private and business life

Eva met Hana Hanáková from OVB at the "Businesswomen's Club", where both of them took part in a seminar. "Afterwards she offered to support me in financial matters," Eva says. The young woman was already convinced after the first meeting. "She first explained the system of her work to us and asked me and my husband where we stood in life and what we wanted to achieve. For example, we needed different savings accounts for my son and myself, but also help with a loan," says Eva. The OVB advisor is also at her side when it comes to the finances of her flower shop. "I can always turn to her if I need something for my employees - be it a suitable insurance policy or something for their retirement care".

Guarantee for a secure future

Eva particularly appreciates this diversity in the services provided by OVB. "Ms. Hanáková gives me holistic advice. She constantly checks all the contracts I have concluded so that our coverage is always up to date," reports Eva. "At the moment, the top priority lies on investments intended for the education of our son," she adds. With OVB, Eva has not only made provisions for her future, but has also gained a friend. "I am always happy when she comes over for a coffee. I love our conversations - even when it's not about finances."