Strong together – How you can work together as a couple at work

Markéta and Ladislav Zajíc are married and work together at OVB. Sounds like a breeding-ground for conflict! Not for this power-couple. Mutual respect, appreciation, and support ensure that the two financial consultants are successful both privately and professionally.

Career start while studying

The Zajícs met each other in university. At the time, Ladislav was looking for an opportunity to start a professional career while studying. With OVB he found it. "I was convinced by the career system at OVB. If you work hard and deliver good quality, you advance. And the company believes in completely equal opportunity", explains Ladislav. Markéta came to OVB a little later through her husband. "In the first training I went to, they were talking about the OVB career plan. I found it great that even as a student I had real advancement opportunities and could be financially independent“, Markéta tells us. Today, both are successful directors with their own teams.  

Open communication is the key to success

In the beginning, working together as a couple was not easy. "In our professional relationship, it took me a while to respect Ladislav as a supervisor. We quickly realized that we get along best if we talk completely openly about everything and listen to each other", says Markéta. "It is important to discuss different opinions and always look for compromise", Ladislav adds. "And we have managed to do so for 16 years now."

Defining common goals

"We often imagined what our future could look like. This was very motivating for us and helped us to continue developing", Markéta explains. Thanks to mutual support and trust in the OVB career system, the couple is on the path to success together. Both feel that collaborating makes them even closer. "We would like to be a role model for other people. Both privately and professionally we have to overcome obstacles and problems – but together we can handle anything!"