Helpers also need support from time to time

Karoline Kaltenbacher is a social worker and pedagogue who loves her work. Together with her two dogs, she helps children and adolescents, but also adults, get through difficult times in their lives.

Alternative to conventional therapies

Nature has healing powers. Karoline is convinced of this. For this reason, the 36-year-old started her own business two years ago with her nature- and animal-based work. In Austria's Burgenland, she treats patients with a variety of needs: "Some children only need help with learning, others have had negative experiences that they cannot handle themselves. While they need help, they don't want to talk about their problems. This is where I come in with my dogs and we build bridges where normal therapy does not work", Karoline explains.

Support in case of illness

Karoline also has adults among her patients. They for instance seek help in in health-related emergencies in order to be able to find themselves again. "I show people how they can recharge with energy and power from nature, so that they no longer need professional help at some point."

Who helps the helpers?

For Karoline, her work is less a profession than a calling. Correspondingly, this area of her life demands her full attention. In view of this, the topic of her finances could easily slip into the background. For this reason, Karoline has professionals help her. She has already been a customer of OVB for 15 years, from the beginning with the same consultant, Jürgen.  "He has known me and my needs for an eternity and always knows exactly what I need", Karoline tells us. "I just need to send a quick SMS and Jürgen is already there." The basis of this successful relationship is an open approach to communication between them. "If I don't really like some insurance or another financial product, Jürgen keeps looking until he finds the right solution for me."