Successful mothers – OVB puts an end to the eternal balancing act

For Melinda and Anita, the combination of career and family is not an impossible balancing act but reality. The two colleagues have worked hard to achieve financial independence as successful consultants at OVB.

Great expectations for their own future

Melinda grew up in a small rural Hungarian village. From the time she was little, she was very ambitious and knew that she was not cut out for an average career. She wanted more. She wanted to be independent and successful. However, her home did not offer any real professional perspectives. Her way out was studying economics in Budapest. Anita also came to the capital to study. Her parents were unable to support her financially, which is why she had to start looking for a part-time job. Both women found out about career opportunities at OVB from a colleague of theirs.

With lots of ambition to success

In the meantime, Melinda and Anita have been working at OVB for more than ten years and both have reached management positions. "At OVB I was able to achieve what I always wanted: financial independence", so Melinda. "For both of us it was also very important to have plenty of time for a family of our own one day. And all that without have to cut back financially or depending on a partner."

Work and family – not a contradiction at OVB

The family wish came true for both women. "I met my husband when I was thirty – we were and still are colleagues. A little later, our daughter was born. From that point on, nothing was the way it had been before", Melinda tells us. Her daughter is now three years old. Today, getting a handle on family and work is an ongoing balancing act for working parents. Detailed planning and sharing parental responsibilities are almost always a must. "Thank God that we don't have to work that hard to coordinate our schedules. My husband also works at OVB, which means we have a maximum of flexibility as far as our private schedule is concerned. For instance, when we had to introduce our two-year old daughter to her Kindergarten, we were both there", Anita explains.

In addition to the flexible working hours, you can always count on the understanding and support of colleagues and supervisors as a parent. "Anita and I became mothers at around the same time. It brought us even closer. In addition, we have great people in the office, even a few family members who work here. As big OVB family, you can of course always rely on a sufficient number of potential babysitters", Melinda explained with a smile.