Giving up is not an option – overcoming a time of crisis with OVB

Michał Dobroś has not had an easy life. From early childhood, he had to struggle with numerous blows of fate that regularly threw him off course. One day, however, he met his future boss by pure chance and his luck started to change. Today Michał is a successful entrepreneur whose greatest passion is to help others.

A difficult start in life

“I was an unwanted child who never met his real father,” says Michał, who was born and raised in Poland. Both his mother and stepfather were deaf. The latter subjected the young boy to years of oppression and psychological terror. Since his youth, Michał has had to rely on himself, so he started to take responsibility for himself at a very early age. One of his most important refuges during this time was the family of a friend whose parents ran their own business. “They became my role models because they took such good care of their son and showed me that you can achieve a lot in life if you believe in yourself and work hard,” Michał tells us..

Out of the frying pan into the fire

Michał started working at a very early age to finally be able to get out of his parents' house. On his own, however, his situation did not really improve. Years of privation and failure ensued: his savings were quickly used up, he had to sell his belongings, had a lot of odd jobs, left Poland, and sought his fortune in France and the Netherlands - without success. When he returned to Poland empty-handed, he was completely on his own. His mother had committed suicide in the meantime. His only life-line in this hopeless situation was a new job selling insurance. He went door to door, until one day he knocked on the door of OVB Director Justyna Dyk.

A new start thanks to OVB

“Justyna saw more in me than a person beaten by fate,” says Michał. “She came into my life when I was at rock bottom and offered me her helping hand.” I am very grateful for that.” With the help of the director, Michał started working at OVB and finally things started to go his way, step by step. His boss became his mentor. “She helped me believe in myself and always had a serious interest in my success,” Michał reports. With OVB he suddenly had a clear direction in life. Professional success quickly followed. “I am so infinitely grateful for the way my life has turned out over the past few years. It is finally my turn to give other people opportunities and make their dreams come true!”