Accidents in professional sports - proper insurance with OVB

Norbert Dudás is a former professional athlete who participated in several world championships as a member of the team of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation. His greatest success was winning a bronze medal at the World Championships. During his career he has experienced first-hand how important proper insurance against possible sports injuries can be. 

Great sport, high risk of injury

Gymnastics is a demanding sport that requires hard training and comes with a high risk of injury. If a professional athlete is injured, he cannot participate in training and competitions for the time being. His income also vanishes correspondingly. This makes it all the more important to protect yourself against such situations. Norbert speaks from experience. He suffered a bad injury to his knee during an international competition. "I took part in a competition in Germany when I landed a jump badly," Norbert tells us. Fortunately, his gymnastics federation already had a partnership with OVB at that time.

Responsibility towards athletes

The protection of athletes is also the responsibility of their trainers or managers. The idea of finding a reliable financial partner to support young athletes came from Zoltán Magyar, the director of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation. Zoltán, himself a two-time Olympic champion, is responsible for local competitions in all disciplines of the federation. "The life of a professional athlete is very exciting and varied, but also risky. That's why we were looking for insurance that would provide security for our athletes in case of injury," explains Zoltán. He is extremely satisfied with the service provided by OVB. All athletes who have been injured so far have received optimal care. "We always get all the necessary information from OVB and receive excellent advice. They have the best experts for the areas of finance and insurance - all of the professionals", Zoltán adds.

More than just financial consulting

Norbert agrees. After his accident the gymnastics federation established contact with OVB advisor Ingrid Oldalov. "Ingrid was very friendly and helpful from the very first meeting. You could tell immediately that my case was really important to her. She even came to one of my competitions to support me. Later I got to know her family and our friendship has lasted until today," says Norbert. The amount that Norbert was awarded thanks to the OVB insurance helped him a lot in his rehabilitation. It was the only way he could return to his everyday life as an athlete as quickly as possible. "I don't know how the whole story would have turned out without the support of Ingrid and OVB. I recommend that everyone, even people who are not professional athletes, get OVB at their side for safety."