With vision towards success

Viktor Zubaj is an OVB veteran and is one of the most successful heads of the company. For 25 years, he has been an absolute role model for colleagues and employees, who are happy to share his wealth of experience and expert knowledge as an entrepreneur. His continued success is the best example of how the OVB business model works in the long term and creates considerable added value for clients.

Difficult conditions for entrepreneurship

From a young age, Viktor was looking for opportunities to start his own business in order to become financially independent and achieve a higher standard of living. The problem: In order to build a business, one usually needs seed capital. And unfortunately, this was not something he was born with. With the OVB business model, Viktor learned that there are other ways. "At OVB I didn't need a huge amount of equity. It was enough to invest time and effort to achieve results and build up my own business," says Viktor. "It was always important to have a plan, a vision, and goals and to look for ways to achieve them. OVB has always shown me these ways," he adds.

You have to inspire a team

Viktor is convinced that a large and functional team is the key to success. "If someone wants to achieve something, they must always surround themselves with people who are just as ambitious in working towards this goal. And to do this, you have to be a visionary and motivate and convince people," says Viktor. His management style is based primarily on trusting people. He sees a future director or managing director in every employee. According to Viktor, most people lack confidence and fear of failure stands in their way. "Therefore, as a manager, you have to convince your employees of their own value and believe in them," says Zubaj.

Discipline and endurance

However, being your own boss does not only mean enjoying freedom. You first have to learn to set your own working hours and tasks, to control and discipline yourself. "Many people think that professional freedom is about having a lot of free time, not having to follow instructions and simply doing what you want. They all forget that you really have to leave your comfort zone frequently to push yourself to perform better," explains Viktor. He believes that honest and competent work always pays off in the long run. "I don't believe in short-term success. You can only build a well-functioning business with a long-term vision. And OVB makes this possible."