When your boss is a good friend

The leadership style and character of a boss often play a decisive role in whether employees feel comfortable in their jobs or not. He should treat his employees with respect, be able to motivate them and always have an open ear - but he is rarely a friend. With Emanuel Warzecha and David Storch this is different. They also pull together in their private lives and could not imagine anything better.

The perfect match

Emanuel always wanted to be his own boss and work with other people as much as possible. He found what he was looking for at OVB: As a manager, he has the challenging task of building a high-performance and reliable team and recognizing potential in people. And this is exactly what he saw in David. The two had known each other since childhood, but it was only through their work that they connected. "David's determination simply fit perfectly into my team from the very beginning," says Emanuel.

Only as a team are you strong

"With us, it developed quite naturally. We've spent a lot of time together, our wives have become friends, we've started spending holidays together, and realized that we share even our greatest passion," says David. The two ride downhill in their spare time. They believe this extreme sport has a lot in common with their work: You have each other's backs, motivate each other, plan the route together, celebrate when you've overcome an obstacle and finally arrived at your destination. "As a team we overcome every obstacle - both in sport and at work. We never let the other down," explains David.

The OVB career plan

With Emanuel at his side, David continues to climb the career ladder. The basis for this is the OVB career plan. "Everyone, regardless of professional and private background, has the same career opportunities in our company. The career plan is something that sets consistent rules for everyone. So you always know which step to take next. "It is not enough just to have a goal. You also have to know what steps are necessary to achieve it. If you also have a good boss by your side to support you, nothing stands in the way of a promising career", explains David.