Evolution 2022

»The OVB strategy strengthens and complements the individual and transparent consultation provided by our financial advisors across Europe.«

OVB demonstrates its sustainability with its “Evolution 2022” strategy

As one of Europe’s leading financial intermediary groups, OVB aims for the sustainable expansion of its sales organisation. Winning new clients and intensifying the business relationship with each and every one of them offers additional sales and earnings potential. OVB also intends to expand its online marketing. By the digitisation of its business processes and sales support, OVB aims to improve its efficiency noticeably and increase the level of client satisfaction.

The transfer of the OVB business model to new national markets in Europe underlines our vision: When people in Europe are asked who is there for them as a partner for all financial questions, the answer is OVB.

Our “OVB Evolution 2022” strategy includes the four basic components:

  • Exploitation of potential
  • Digitalisation
  • Modernisation
  • Expansion

Using potential

OVB is exploiting its potential at different levels: A key driver of our success is the education and training of our financial brokers. In this area, we are continuing to develop and modernise our Europe-wide training system, not only due to regulatory requirements, but also against the background of our own quality standards. We intend to further improve our customers’ satisfaction by continuously improving our service standards

OVB Potenzialausschoepfung

Digital and efficient

OVB is driving forward the digitalisation of its business processes to allow its financial brokers to operate more efficiently. What is the advantage for the clients? Even more time for the most important aspect – personal consultation. We will expand options for interaction between clients, financial brokers and OVB while at the same time expanding the online business for our financial brokers in the product areas which are less consulting-intensive. Positioned digitally and efficiently, OVB remains a valued contact for young generations.

OVB Digitalisierung

Enthusiastically modern

Young people do not pay particular attention to their finances. It is for this reason that OVB intends to use a European-wide online marketing strategy to expand cross-channel communication between clients and financial brokers in the future. The focus is on approaching the target group with realistic topics that interest readers instead of confusing them with technical jargon. This will allow OVB to also convince younger generations of its business model. OVB is putting its heart and soul into it. OVB has been providing support for people in need for over 35 years. We are expanding these social activities of the OVB relief organisation internationally. OVB modernisation

OVB Modernisierung

Expansion – nationally and abroad

Expansion has always been one of OVB’s strategic targets - and will remain so in the future. Today, we are operating in 16 national markets in Europe. Our broad European positioning ensures stability and makes us independent of fluctuations in individual markets. This has proven its worth by almost 50 years of successful company history.

The OVB Group intends to grow further and increase its number of clients and consultants in individual national markets. At the same time, the successful business model will also be transferred to new promising European markets.