»Being healthy and staying healthy«

Protecting one's own well-being should always come first. Here in particular, the needs of different people are very different. Which strategy suits me?


The protection of health is the be-all and end-all

Health is everyone's greatest good. Those who are stricken cannot give one hundred percent more in everyday life and in worse cases even drop out of work. An intact health is thus the basis for all further plans - professionally as well as privately. That is why it is all the more important to protect them properly and to take precautions in the event of illness.

After all, you want to get back on your feet quickly. There are many possibilities for this, but not every pension solution is the right one for you. Of course, OVB also helps you to make sensible decisions here.


[Translate to english:] Gesundheitsvorsorge: Frau lehnt an Mauer und hört Musik

»I love to dance and live healthy. I would love to be able to live like this 50 years from now - and as a cheerful and fit grandma, I would like to be able to lay down fast dances on the dance floor.«

I'm 26, and I love to dance. You can say about me, I live healthy: I pay attention to good nutrition, I like to do sports and I am generally satisfied with my life. It is very important to me that it stays that way. I would love to be able to live like this 50 years from now - and as a cheerful and fit grandma, I would like to be able to lay down lively dances on the dance floor. The only thing that could stop me would be an accident or a more serious injury. Unfortunately this is not uncommon among dancers. But I rarely think about that. To be more precise: I don't want to worry about that. I came across Claire's profile through a dancer friend. Unsuspectingly, I commented on her contribution about outdoor fitness when a short time later a message landed in my mailbox...«

Nina G., Cologne

[Translate to english:] Zwei Frauen unterhalten sich lächelnd

»My health will continue to be important to me in the future.«

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[Translate to english:] Frau arbeitet am Tablet und lächelt

»It is nice to live into the day, but you should not lose sight of your health.«

»I saw Nina's profile and noticed at first glance that she was living into the day as I used to. That can be very nice, but you shouldn't lose sight of the future.  I offered her to sit down with me in a consultation and help her find her way in the insurance jungle, so that she could secure her lifestyle. When she reacted sceptically at first, I told her about the advantages I enjoy as a well insured hobby athlete and how I became a financial advisor at OVB.«

Claire S.
Financial advisor

Analysis interview

The analysis interview enables you to get to know your financial intermediary and express your wishes. You can check for yourself whether you can imagine further cooperation. This is the first step towards a sound pension plan. Ask your agent everything you want to know.



[Translate to english:] Krankenversicherung: Frau am Arbeitsplatz lächelt

»The right health insurance is an individual matter.«

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[Translate to english:] Frau berät Kundin zur Krankenversicherung

»Health insurances are variable: Various supplementary insurances can be taken out depending on your life situation, occupation and age or state of health.«

»In Germany we are lucky to be covered by a statutory health insurance in the event of illness and accidents. Thus, a person does not find himself in the complicated situation of having to pay for a doctor's or hospital visit himself. The progressive system allows you to choose whether you want to be legally and "uniformly" insured or privately insured, which offers more possibilities for the individual design of insurance cover.«

Claire S.
Financial advisor

Statutory and private health insurances

Our model is based on the assumption that the core basic insurance - private or statutory - as well as individual supplementary insurances are taken out. These can be taken out depending on your life situation, occupation and age or state of health. For example, you can decide to take out a foreign health insurance policy or to protect your teeth with supplementary dental insurance.

The different tariffs differ in particular between self-employed persons, employees, civil servants, students and children.

If you want to know which tariff suits you best, we will be happy to advise you personally and competently. Arrange a non-binding analysis meeting.


[Translate to english:] Infografik: gesetzliche und private Grundversicherung

Health insurance at a glance

Statutory health insurance Private health insurance Private supplementary insurance
  • Same insurance coverage for all (standard coverage)
  • Insurance by public bodies
  • Contributions are calculated on the basis of personal income plus individual insurance contributions.
    Additional contributions (average 15.6% of gross income)
  • applies to: Everyone, private supplementary insurances are optional
  • Choice of tariff according to age, profession, state of health and individual needs (premium insurance cover possible)
  • Carried out by private insurers (companies)
  • applies to: Self-employed, beneficiaries of aid, freelancers
    or high-income employees

You can upgrade your basic insurance by purchasing private
Select supplementary insurances according to your needs.

In this way you get ideal and individual health care,
with which you can go through life untroubled.


[Translate to english:] Frau und Mann unterhalten sich über Altersvorsorge

Premium Select – Our strong partners

There are many providers of financial and insurance products in Europe's markets. We select from a large number of strong partners and negotiate the best conditions. Our OVB financial intermediaries offer you the best products from this selection. Find out who our partners are and what strengths they bring to your financial and insurance products.


Individual solutions

In the consultation we explain the suitable financial solution, tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Only products from first-class partners are selected.



[Translate to english:] Frau hält Tasse und lächelt

»I am satisfied with my solution in old age.«

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[Translate to english:] Gesundheitsvorsorge: Frau lehnt an Mauer und hört Musik

»In the end, my advisor knew what made the most sense in my case.«

I still live by the motto: Unexpected often comes! I'm glad that the conversation with Claire has come about, because I wouldn't have actively visited her. Most of the time we talked about sports and nutrition. And in the end she knew what would make sense in my case. A summary of this information she gave me printed out on the way - without wanting to twist or talk me into something. So I am free to decide which of the options I choose for myself - this brings me a few steps closer to my goal of being happy and healthy in old age.

Nina G., Cologne


During the service interview, you check your life situation with your financial intermediary. With every major change, it makes sense to exchange ideas with your financial intermediary so that your provision can be further optimised.




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