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Group of laughing young people – Generation Z in the professional world

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Generation Z in the professional world: independent, creative, and digital

The first young people from Generation Z are entering the job market – and they have very different needs compared to previous generations. For Gen Z, security and professional independence are key. At the same time, the separation of work and leisure is more important than ever. This is because Gen Z strives primarily for happiness and self-realisation in their private lives.

Woman is blamed for mistakes - Positive error culture

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Positive Error Culture: Why mistakes actually make sense

Mistakes are still considered a professional no-go in many areas. In most people's minds, they stand for failure and weakness. But mistakes are absolutely human – and even useful. Because only those who allow themselves to do something wrong can learn and improve. A positive error culture moves companies forward and ensures progress.

Woman leaning at the table and looking at her mobile phone – gender pay gap

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Gender pay gap: how about gender equality in Europe?

Equality between the men and women? This is still a long way off in many countries, but some are getting there. The gender pay gap is one way of showing inequalities between women and men in a measurable way.

Colleagues in discussion – Company pension scheme

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Company pension schemes – retirement savings with your employer

Is it possible to keep the standard of living even in retirement? The state pension will probably not be sufficient to do so. Company pension schemes are one possibility or component to provide for one’s old age.s.

Man sitting in the living room – resilience

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Resilience: magic word for a successful career?

What makes a person strong and psychologically resistant? In this context, the key word "resilience” is often mentioned. The term covers certain characteristic features that make up a resilient person. In short, resilient people cope with strokes of fate or crises more quickly than people who are perceived as vulnerable.

Woman sleeping in bed - Mental health at work

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Mental health - time for mindfulness and self-care

Your job is stressful and three deadlines must be met at the same time? Moreover, a private birthday party needs to be organised but it feels like there is no time left at all? Mental effort and the so-called "mental load" play an increasingly important role in our lives. As a result, society has become more and more aware of dealing with mental health.

Older man sitting in a library reading a book - Silver Society

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The megatrend Silver Society: demographic change in Europe

Demographic ageing is visible worldwide and influences all areas of life. At the same time, the idea of "ageing" is changing from a resting lifestyle to a more active and engaged one.

Woman sitting at her desk with a smile

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Sustainable working: protect the environment right from the office

In our private lifes, we try to live more sustainably, for example by buying regional food or avoiding plastic bags. But does it automatically mean that the working world will become more sustainable? Sustainability also needs to be considered at the workplace. This is why we should critically question our habits and check which of them can be changed.

A man sits at a table and counts money

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This is how Europe saves - what people in Europe do with their money

Who saves the most? Who is a fan of flexible deposit accounts and who puts their money in the bank for the long term? In European countries, there are different tendencies and preferences in how people handle their savings.