Team building: how companies can properly promote team spirit


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The key facts about remote work abroad

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  • In addition to career opportunities and a healthy work-life balance, flexible working models are important to employees.
  • There are significant differences in remote work in and outside the European Union.
  • The equipment has to be well prepared in order to be able to work abroad optimally.
  • From a fiscal perspective, there are special rules that digital nomads must observe.

Whether at the climbing park, in the escape room or at a joint cooking class – team events can specifically strengthen team interaction and cohesion within the company. In combination with the right employee development, an attractive working environment is created.

Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers and demographic change, it is important for companies to retain their own employees. Targeted employee development and diverse team building activities provide the foundation for it.

What is team building anyway?

Team building includes activities that increase collaboration and, above all, the cohesion of a team. The fundamental goal is to create a group from individual employees, in which each member knows his or her function and fits into the team. The possibilities for implementation are numerous. Everything is possible, whether it's a simple game or a big event. Newly formed teams, as well as existing teams, get to know each other better and benefit from this. But what exactly are the advantages of team building for companies?

That‘s why team building is so important

Team building not only resolves conflicts and builds trust, but it particularly promotes communication between individual employees. This has significant advantages - both for the company and for the team. Decisions can be made faster and the quality of work increases. In addition, the identification with the company is fostered and a common team spirit is created.

The big advantage: Teams with a strong sense of unity are significantly more effective, transparent and balanced. Team members trust each other more and know each other's strengths and weaknesses. This creates a high-performance team, that learns from each other and works more productively together.

Team building activities are conducted and used to build this internal trust, increase personal and collective motivation, and strengthen collaboration. Employers can use a variety of activities and events to promote these interpersonal relationships.

Employees taking part in a workshop for team building in the company

Team building activities - The proper organisation

Successful team building must be well planned and considered. Only if the activity is precisely tailored to the needs of the team, positive effects can be achieved. Therefore, it is important to have the key aspects in mind. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who? Is it an event for a small team or for the whole department?
  • Where? Will it take place inside, outside or online? There are almost no limits to your creativity.
  • What? A joint coaching or rather a sports activity? What goal do you want to achieve through the team building? Based on this, you can plan the activity.
  • When? Choose a suitable date and time.
  • How long? Is it planned to last only a few hours or several days?

Our tip: For every activity, it is important to involve every employee. Everyone should contribute to achieving the goal. After all, it's about the team and not the individual.

5 unusual ideas to boost the team spirit

There is no need to organise an expensive team event or go to the climbing park for the 10th time in order to improve team cohesion and trust. The following five activities may not be familiar, but they guarantee a lot of fun and also increase collegial cohesion:

  1. Soapbox derby. Each team builds its own soapbox and at the end you compete against each other.
  2. Power Point karaoke. In groups of two, you will give a presentation you have never seen before. Then you have to talk seriously about bizarre laws, the latest baking trends or strange phobias. Fun is guaranteed!
  3. Mystery dinner. All team members play a role in order to solve a criminal case during a joint dinner. Excellent communication is the key.
  4. Turn the carpet. In this game, the team stands on a carpet and has to turn it over - but nobody is allowed to leave the carpet!
  5. Remote quiz. This virtual game can be designed flexibly - self-made questions about any topic are answered by the team. At the end, of course, there is a winning team.

Employee development - advantages and opportunities for companies

Not only is team building crucial for cohesion within the company, but also employee development plays an essential role. But what exactly does it mean?

Employee development - also known as personnel development - includes improving the knowledge, skills and experience of employees.

On-site employee development - integration of new employees

They can be optinally deployed and further trained by using targeted methods. Thus, both the company and the individual team member benefit. Professional performance is enhanced, resulting in competitive advantages for the employer in the long term.

But the company is not the only one who benefits in the long term. Employees can improve their career opportunities and earn more money in the future. A win-win situation for everyone!

Employee development methods

Companies can use various methods to promote the personnel development of their employees. A distinction can be made between three measures:

  • On-the-job measures: These take place directly at the workplace - for example, practical training.
  • Near-the-job measures: Further training is directly within the company - such as internal seminars, training courses or workshops.
  • Off-the-job measures: They take place outside the office and primarily convey theoretical knowledge.

In addition to further training opportunities, successful employee development also includes everyday or social measures. A good working atmosphere, a regular exchange with the manager or a simple praise - such simple actions have a great influence on the motivation and job satisfaction of the employees. On top of that, they are easy to implement and cost almost nothing.

Nowadays, companies have numerous possibilities to strengthen the entire team and the individual employees. Functioning internal communication, trust and productive cooperation are essential to retain employees in the long term. And who would have thought that a simple PowerPoint presentation or a virtual game can help?

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