"Our thoughts and whole hearts go out to Ukrainians as well as our colleagues and their families."

Announcement by Executive Board of OVB Holding on the crisis in Ukraine

It is with profound concern that we are following the latest developments in Ukraine.

We have had a presence in Ukraine since 2007. For more than 15 years, we have felt a deep connection to the country and its people. Nearly 15,000 of our clients and their families have trusted OVB during that time. Nearly 500 OVB employees and their families live and work there. Those colleagues have become our friends over the years. Those fellow employees now fear for their lives and the lives of their families. Some of those colleagues have been called up to serve in the military and defend the country’s freedom in a seemingly hopeless struggle.

We are in constant contact with our managing director, Mr Dmitriy Malik, as well as our managers and financial advisors. According to the latest information received, they are doing well given the circumstances.

Nobody could have thought it possible that there would ever be another war in Europe. Nobody could have assumed that the right to self-determination and democratic development and even the inviolability of borders respected during the Cold War in Europe no longer apply.

The attack by Russia is a general attack on our community of shared values, and we condemn that action in the strongest terms as a quintessentially European company with strong ties to the nations and peoples in Eastern Europe.  

Our thoughts and whole hearts go out to Ukrainians as well as our colleagues and their families.
We will be in regular contact with our managers and executives of the head offices in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to learn about the situation and mood there.

In the coming hours and days, all employees of OVB across Europe will be thinking about our friends in Ukraine and will carry the standard displaying the Ukrainian national colours in their hearts.

OVB Holding AG | 25.02.2022