Work hard, play hard – but only with the right retirement strategy

Jannis is a man of contradictions: during the week he is a responsible office worker at the Evangelical church, on weekends he tours around the globe as a DJ, spins at festivals and in the best clubs, produces music, and has two radio shows of his own. The man of many talents is always on the go and enjoys every moment to the fullest, but still thinks about securing his future.

It is always difficult to get started

As teenager, Jannis loved to play his favorite playlists at birthday parties and got lots of positive feedback. Then he thought maybe he could take his hobby professional. He started spinning at youth centers, graduation parties, and in the first clubs. "In the beginning it was very difficult to get gigs or build up a reputation. There was tremendous competition among DJs", Jannis remembers. It was a very long and rough road until he developed his own network and his own brand. Today he is known as DJ Olde in the music world.

At the top at 30

A calm office life during the week and full speed ahead on weekends. What sounds like a questionable combination is just right for Jannis. "My life is defined by extreme opposites that give me the right balance", the musician explains. Professionally, Jannis has arrived 100 %. "I just turned 30 and have achieved everything I had planned", he adds. But he is not ready to rest on his laurels. He is constantly writing new songs, producing music, and negotiating with various music labels.

Retirement planning does not start when you are already old

The life of a musician is exciting and diverse, but it does not ensure financial security. For this reason, Jannis started early to think about his future. He believes that it is unfortunate that only few young people think ahead. "People in my age usually forget that they will not always be young. On my morning radio show we once did a survey on the topic of retirement planning. I was really shocked that many people under 30 are doing nothing at all in this respect." Jannis on the other hand invested into his first investment fund at 16. He came across OVB through a former school friend of his. As a long-term customer, eventually even a business relationship blossomed because Jannis began organizing events for OVB. "OVB is not just a company that offers me protection for my future. We became almost like a family. I am incredibly happy that I have such a reliable partner on my side."