With a strong will to the top

Jutta Schlag-Fischer is not only celebrating her 40th anniversary as an OVB financial advisor - she can also look back on a steep career. As the only current female National Director in Germany, she knows that you can achieve anything with a lot of perseverance and a strong will.

From student job to national directorate

Already as a student she worked for OVB as a part-time job in order to be able to finance her studies herself. Financial independence has always been her strongest drive: That's why she went full time as a financial advisor after graduating and worked her way up to Regional Director in just a few years. She has recently become the only current female National Director in Germany - and has raised three children alongside her job. "It is not only positive motivation that is decisive, but also how someone deals with negative things and failures," Jutta Schlag-Fischer knows. "In a career, as with everything in life, there are ups and downs. It is crucial to get up again faster than others. That's when you really find out if someone is successful."

The dream of financial independence

Jutta Schlag-Fischer achieved her goal of becoming financially independent at an early age primarily through diligence and perseverance. OVB gave her the opportunity to be an independent entrepreneur, to secure herself properly financially and to be able to provide for a family at the same time. By becoming a part-time financial advisor early on, she was able to build up the appropriate financial background to be able to have and care for children later on - without having to rely on others. As a National Director, she now passes on her knowledge and experience to other aspiring financial advisors.

Team leading means helping

For Jutta Schlag-Fischer, team leadership primarily means helping others to develop and achieve their own goals. For her, the focus is always on people. That is why she is always there for her team and has been supporting her employees for many decades. "In every conversation I have, that person is the most important person for me at that moment," she says, "and that gives me a good feeling, too!