Financial education as a mission

Spain was one of the countries that was most seriously affected by the 2008 financial crisis. The country struggled with high unemployment, a fall in GDP and the collapse of the property market. Set against this backdrop, sound financial education seems all the more important. This is also the way OVB advisor Luis Ignacio Fernández Irigoyen sees it. His goal is to help the Spanish population get a better understanding of financial issues, thereby giving them the capacity to make the right decisions when it comes to providing for their futures.

OVB advisor with passion

Luis has been working at OVB for five years and has not regretted it for a second to this day. "The service and the objectivity of the customer advice were the main reasons for my decision to work for OVB," Luis explains. "In addition, the company looks back on 50 years of experience. We can all benefit from that today." Another advantage of his work, he says, are his colleagues. "I love my team! My colleagues make my daily work much easier, so we can focus 100 percent on what is most important - the needs of our customers," Luis says.

Achieving prosperity through financial knowledge

The level of financial education in Spain is rather low, despite the recent financial crisis. Therefore, Luis has made it his mission to help people plan and organize their financial lives - regardless of whether they are his clients or not. To reach as large an audience as possible, he is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows. "I try to make inherently dry financial topics understandable to viewers. Because only informed people can make intelligent decisions regarding their finances and thus achieve prosperity," says the OVB advisor.

The more the better

Luis is always looking for new people to join him in his mission. “The bigger my team, the more people we can reach and educate financially,” says Luis. His only regret is that he didn’t start working for OVB sooner. “Although you can start a career with this company at any age, I know that I would have been even more successful today if I had started working for OVB earlier.” This is also why Luis strongly urges young people in particular, who may still be at university or looking for their first position, to consider coming to work for OVB. “It’s not easy to find a company that offers so many advantages. Joining OVB was one of the best decisions of my life.”