The first step leads to success over the long term

Sascha Dastl has been working as an OVB financial advisor for more than 27 years and there is one thing he can tell everyone: "Take the first step. Without it, no further steps will follow." In his career, this has led him to success. A good plan, goals and a vision are equally not to be underestimated - but they all follow the first step.

Personal development is the key to a successful career

Professional and personal development across Europe: That's what Sascha Dastl really appreciates about OVB. The Personal Development Platform enables him to do this very easily - here you can keep an eye on all learning gains and easily recognize potentials. This is useful not only for him personally, but also for the advice he gives to clients and customers. "I particularly enjoy my job when I'm successful," he says.

"In a part-time job, I developed a passion for finance"

Starting out from a part-time job, Sascha Dastl has developed a passion for finances. The OVB financial advisor has already accompanied many employees on their career journey. What does he consider to be the most essential feature to be successful? A sensitivity for people. In addition to talent and diligence, Sascha Dastl has repeatedly experienced how important it is to have a good connection to his clients.