35 years of the OVB Hilfswerk “Menschen in Not e.V.”


Cologne, 25 July 2018. Assuming social responsibility is a major concern for OVB. The OVB Hilfswerk (aid organisation) “Menschen in Not e.V.” was founded 35 years ago to provide financial support for a welfare institution in Cologne. Ever since then, the activities of the organisation have continued to expand. Until now, the focus has been on helping people in Germany – wherever help is needed. The OVB Hilfswerk is mainly financed by regular donations from financial advisors of the German group subsidiary OVB Vermögensberatung AG. Employees of OVB Vermögensberatung AG and employees of the Cologne-based parent company OVB Holding AG also make donations. Since it was founded, these donations have raised more than €4 million for a large number of social projects. For many financial advisors and OVB Vermögensberatung employees, it doesn’t end with financial support. Many of them also volunteer in their free time, organise fundraisers and contribute their knowledge and energy to charitable or non-profit projects both on the ground and in their personal spheres – and they don’t make a big fuss about it either.

There have also already been several international flagship projects in the 35-year history of the Hilfswerk: Funding for a school and an agricultural self-help project in Kenya, organisation on several occasions of relief transport for victims of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, emergency aid for customers and OVB employees affected by the severe flooding in 2002 in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, long-term support for a “Happy Home” project in Thailand for children and young people in extremely difficult living conditions and emergency aid for children after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Expanding its social commitment to an international level is part of the “OVB Evolution 2022” corporate strategy, which is already being implemented. We intend to gradually roll out this excellent idea, which led to the founding of the OVB relief organisation in Germany 35 years ago, in the 13 other OVB countries as well.

About the OVB Group

The OVB Group, with its holding company headquartered in Cologne, is one of Europe’s leading financial advisory groups. Since being founded in 1970, OVB’s business activities have focused on long-term, comprehensive and above all customer-oriented financial consulting for private households. OVB works with more than 100 high-performance providers and uses competitive products to serve its clients’ individual needs, from subsistence and property/asset insurance to pensions and asset building and growth. OVB currently operates in 14 European countries. 4,709 full-time financial consultants currently advise 3.37 million clients.

In 2017, OVB Holding AG and its subsidiaries generated total sales commission of €225.3 million and EBIT of €16.0 million. OVB Holding AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0006286560) since July 2006.