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Mother sits on the sofa with a laptop and her daughter lies next to her

| OVB Holding AG

How can companies promote the compatibility of family and work?

For people with children or relatives in need of care, everyday life is often stressful - and they have to combine it with their job on top of that. For this reason, companies should shape their working environment in a family-friendly way.

A man sits at a table and counts money

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This is how Europe saves - What people in Europe do with their money

Who saves the most? Who is a fan of flexible deposit accounts and who puts their money in the bank for the long term? In European countries, there are different tendencies and preferences in how people handle their savings.

Employees playing a game - team building

| OVB Holding AG

Team building: How companies can properly promote team spirit

Whether at the climbing park, in the escape room or at a joint cooking class – team events can specifically strengthen team interaction and cohesion within the company. In combination with the right employee development, an attractive working environment is created.

Woman working on the beach - remote work abroad

| OVB Holding AG

Remote Work abroad: from deckchair to hammock with your laptop

Taking a walk on the beach in the morning before work, having breakfast at the pool bar and then looking for a quiet spot with your laptop. Just following the motto "work where others are on vacation". Remote work abroad is discussed in many companies, but it isn't possible in every profession.

Agile teamwork - New Work at OVB Holding

| OVB Holding AG

New Work: How our way of working is changing

We want to work in a more self-determined and efficient way: Most preferably where, when and how we want. That sounds perfect to you - but how does New Work actually work? Many people are stressed out by their jobs and are exposed to high pressure. For this reason it's obvious that something has to change in the world of work.

Young woman with positive money mindset

| OVB Holding AG

Money Mindset: How important your attitude to money is

We have known for a long time how much inner beliefs determine our lives – both positive and negative ones. In relation to our finances, we repeatedly come across the topic of "money mindset". But what is it actually, how does the trend of the new money consciousness work and how does our inner attitude influence us in everyday life?

Diverse team at work – diversity at OVB Holding

| OVB Holding AG

How can companies encourage diversity?

Perfect? No. Corners and edges? Yes, of course! Diversity is common – and that's a good thing. Our world is becoming more diverse and colourful every day. Our society is characterized by variety and enriched by it. For young employees, diversity plays a major role in their decision to choose an employer.

Education and training of employees at OVB

| OVB Holding AG

Employee development: This is why training employees is worth it

Many employers have come to realise that employees are a company's most important capital in the long term. In addition to fair working conditions, team building and employee support, education and training are among the key factors in developing their own employees and contributing to increased job satisfaction.

Employee working at desk - productive work at OVB Holding

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Productivity at work: The key to productive working

Productive work - what exactly does that mean? Long working hours, overtime and heaps of meetings mean nothing at all about productivity. The key to high productivity in the workplace is, above all, happy employees and a good working atmosphere. Because only those who are satisfied with their work can achieve strong results in the long run.