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Young woman with positive money mindset

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Money Mindset: How important your attitude to money is

We have known for a long time how much inner beliefs determine our lives – both positive and negative ones. In relation to our finances, we repeatedly come across the topic of "money mindset". But what is it actually, how does the trend of the new money consciousness work and how does our inner attitude influence us in everyday life?

Diverse team at work – diversity at OVB Holding

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How can companies encourage diversity?

Perfect? No. Corners and edges? Yes, of course! Diversity is common – and that's a good thing. Our world is becoming more diverse and colourful every day. Our society is characterized by variety and enriched by it. For young employees, diversity plays a major role in their decision to choose an employer.

Education and training of employees at OVB

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Employee development: This is why training employees is worth it

Many employers have come to realise that employees are a company's most important capital in the long term. In addition to fair working conditions, team building and employee support, education and training are among the key factors in developing their own employees and contributing to increased job satisfaction.

Employee working at desk - productive work at OVB Holding

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Productivity at work: The key to productive working

Productive work - what exactly does that mean? Long working hours, overtime and heaps of meetings mean nothing at all about productivity. The key to high productivity in the workplace is, above all, happy employees and a good working atmosphere. Because only those who are satisfied with their work can achieve strong results in the long run.

©SOS-Kinderdorf Madagaskar

| OVB-Hilfswerk

»YO(U)nited we care« – Together we strengthen children and their families in Madagascar

In the context of the OVB European Meeting »YO(U)nited« on 11 December, an OVB charity fundraising campaign took place for the first time. The aim was to raise funds for the continuation of a current project of SOS Children's Villages worldwide on Madagascar in cooperation with OVB Holding AG.

Child with Christmas lights and Christmas hat - Social responsibility and charity

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Social responsibility: When companies get involved and help people

Many companies are becoming more and more committed to social justice, the environment and charity projects. And that is a good thing: Those who set a good example not only take responsibility for their actions and contribute to solving global problems, but also strengthen the company from within.

Employee at the Desk - Gender Equality in the Financial Sector

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Gender equality in the financial sector: Why we need more women in the financial industry

For a long time, the financial sector was considered a male domain. Fortunately, things have changed in recent years: more and more women are asserting themselves as financial advisors, fund managers or managing directors. But there is still a long way to go before there is an actual balance in the distribution of jobs.

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The Focus is on People: Employees are the Most Important Thing

Modern companies are focusing more and more on employees as their most important resource. Rightly so: What would a company be without the many people in the background who work every day so that they all advance together? That is why one thing is at the heart of everything we do - our employees.

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Digital Detox – Do we need a digital timeout?

We wake up in the morning to the sound of our smartphone alarm and go to sleep in the evening in front of the laptop. It is normal now for modern technologies to accompany us throughout the day. However, the "always-on" mentality quickly causes stress: that's why it makes sense to take an occasional digital break.