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Trust in the workplace: How to recognise a fair employer

Trust within a company is the basis for strong cooperation and a positive working environment. If values such as transparency and fairness are not only promised but also practised, both employees and the company itself benefit. But how do you recognise an employer that is truly trustworthy and transparent?

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Digital detox – the best tips for a digital time-out

We wake up with our smartphones in the morning and fall asleep in front of our laptops at night: It is normal now for modern technologies to accompany us throughout the day. However, the "always-on" mentality causes stress, poor concentration, and sleep issues. That's why it makes sense to consciously take a digital break from time to time and avoid mobile phones, tablets, and other devices for a while.

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Digital Networking: Guide and tips for successful networking

Networking is no longer limited to face-to-face meetings, events, and trade fairs. Nowadays, digital networking is more than just a trend, it is almost a must in everyday working life: good connections remain a door opener that provide you with many career opportunities. Fortunately, networking can be learnt! Our expert Jagoda Banert gives five important tips and reveals the mistakes you should avoid.

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How to use feedback sessions for self-development – and prepare them properly

Feedback sessions are an integral part of working life in modern companies. With good reason: feedback is one of the most important sources of personal development. Both companies and employees benefit from a constructive feedback culture. If you prepare well for the conversation and listen properly, you will learn a lot about yourself – and utilise your own potential even more in the future.

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Increase your self-motivation: more productivity and job satisfaction

Motivation at work not only leads to higher productivity, but also to more fun on the job. Those who manage to motivate themselves are happier at work and are independent of others. But what can you do if your motivation decreases or disappears completely? Fortunately, there are strategies to increase self-motivation and maintain it in the long term.

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How to successfully return to work after parental leave

Returning to work after parental leave is an exciting moment, but it can be a challenge. Young parents who want to return to their jobs often have many questions and uncertainties. It is particularly important that the comeback is well prepared – and that the employer supports the return through family-friendly measures and open communication.

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Fit at work: tips for more exercise in the office

Stress, lack of activity, overwork: those who take too little care of themselves and their bodies quickly end up in a negative spiral of exhaustion and physical problems. Yet it's not that difficult to do something for your fitness at work. Our expert Krystian Kwasniewski provides tips on how even small habits can make a big difference – with the right goal and mindset.

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Work-life integration: The new way of balancing work and free time

Our working world is becoming more and more digital and mobile. New concepts like work-life integration are replacing the traditional work-life balance. After all, the strict separation of work and private life is difficult these days. Work-life integration goes beyond the traditional balance and creates a symbiosis between work and leisure.

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New Leadership: How modern leadership styles enrich the working world

The way of working has changed dramatically over the last decades. Classical leadership methods are no longer up-to-date – instead, new leadership styles and leader competencies are becoming relevant. In the age of New Work, mobile working, and digitalisation, new leadership focuses on empowerment and personal responsibility instead of “work to rule”.