All your finances under one roof: Why comprehensive financial consulting makes sense


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The most important facts about comprehensive financial consulting

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  • In many cases, there is a separate contact person for each insurance, investment, pension and financing product. This could soon be complex and confusing, especially if different people make different recommendations.
  • That's why it makes sense to have a financial consultant who works across all topics. In this way, no individual products are suggested, but a comprehensive financial solution is developed that is individually tailored to you.
  • At OVB, comprehensive financial consulting is based on the three components of analysis, consultation and service. The aim is to build a long-term relationship and co-operation.

Let's face it: it is not easy to control one's finances and make reasonable plans for the future. With so many providers and different products it is difficult to make the right decisions. All the better when you get help from a specialist who can advise you on all subjects.

Insurance, financial investment, financing – all important decisions that make a big difference in our lives. But most people can't find their way through the financial services jungle and run the risk of concluding contracts that do not make sense for their situation. All the more important to get comprehensive advice – and this is exactly where it can become stressful.

An Odyssey begins

Protecting your health is usually the first step – as it is your most important asset.... So, off to the nearest health insurance provider. Now you have to decide whether statutory or private insurance is right for you and which of the countless supplementary insurances you need.

Next topic: financial investment. Banks give you a choice of stocks, funds, bonds, and twenty other terms you have probably never heard before. You decide to invest in a home and move on to the real estate company, with the end of your financial services marathon nowhere in sight. More questions: How does financing your real estate work? And what about insurance?

You realize that proper financial planning and insurance result in you seeing a new consultant at every bank, insurance, or other institution who can only help you within his small niche. This is confusing and can get tedious after a while.

Relax! Comprehensive financial consulting to the rescue

The solution is a personal consultant who understands all financial and insurance topics, who understands what makes you tick, what is important to you, and what you need.

A person you trust, with whom you can discuss your own goals and desires and find solutions – not off the rack, of course, but tailored to you.

Too good to be true? No! Comprehensive financial consultants at OVB provide just that all-round service.

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A consultation is very structured and has three phases: analysis, consulting, and service. First you discuss your individual situation and prioritize your personal goals and desires. Then the consultant puts together a strategy to achieve these goals – of course considering all possible state subsidies, because a good comprehensive financial consultant is also up to date on those. Suitable financial and insurance products are only selected in the following consultation.

The good thing: a comprehensive financial consultant does not offer his own products but works together with many top partner companies. This means that in contrast to a specific bank or insurance provider, you have a much greater selection of products.

Quality lasts

Good conditions for long and trusting cooperation. And, indeed, consultant-customer relationships often last many years, ideally even decades.

This is ensured by the third element of the comprehensive financial consulting principle: service. You can contact your consultant in case of any changes to your life or your plans to refine your individual strategy and – if necessary – make changes to the product combination.

With such a helper by your side you can have an eye on everything, save a lot of work and time, and feel that you are optimally prepared and taken care of for the future.

Would you like to find out more about OVB?

Here you can find all information about OVB as a company and our comprehensive financial consulting services.

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